Though not exhaustive, these FAQs will help you get started and troubleshoot some of the most common user problems when using Poly Bridge.

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About Poly Network Ecosystem

A: Poly Network is the world’s leading cross-chain protocol for heterogeneous chains, enhancing connections between ledgers by providing Web 3.0 interoperability. Its uniquely designed cross-chain bridge technology executes cross-chain transactions by deploying smart contracts on the source chain. This enables communication between heterogeneous chains, including the most popular public chains, right at the protocol layer.
Poly Network has integrated over 20 blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis, Boba, OKC, HECO, Neo, Ontology, Zilliqa, Gnosis Chain, etc.
A: No, Poly Network is not related to them. It’s just a coincidence that we all have "POLY" in our names. However, Poly Bridge supports transactions from and to the Polygon chain.

About Poly Bridge

img_7.png When you first meet Poly Bridge, you may wonder:

A: Poly Bridge is a bridge through which you can easily and quickly transfer your asset (including tokens and NFTs) between different chains.
A: Poly Network has incorporated many dApps, including the Poly Bridge which was created by Poly Network.

img_4.png If you are a developer, you may wonder:

A: Please refer to the guideline "Import Token".
A: Here is an appendix that includes basic contracts and some business contracts deployed and used by Poly Network, and we encourage you to check it out.

img_8.png If you are a user, you may wonder:

A: Poly Network hasn't issued any token yet.
A: Please refer to these manuals according to your needs.
A: The fee for transferring assets is collected according to the cross-chain transaction and is used to cover the gas fee charged by your target chain. Poly Bridge doesn't charge any additional fees.
A: Normally yes, except for deflationary tokens.
A: The average estimated time of arrival is 1–10 min. Unavoidable factors such as network congestion might delay the transaction further. If your transaction hasn’t been completed for a long time, please refer to Q6.
A: Please check which step of the transaction process your transfer has reached. Solutions vary accordingly:
  • The transaction hasn't been completed on the source chain:for safety reasons, Poly Bridge will not confirm your transaction immediately until subsequent blocks have been confirmed (the number of subsequent blocks is different for different chains), please wait for block confirmation.
  • The transaction has been completed on the source chain, but not completed on Poly: if the transaction has been stuck in this step for over 5 min, please do not hesitate to contact the Poly Network team.
  • The transaction hasn't been completed on the target chain: it’s perhaps down to the transaction congestion of the target chain, please wait for a while or refer to the accelerating transaction tutorial. If the accelerated tutorial doesn't help you, please contact the Poly Network team.
A: You can check your previous transactions in "History". And then click "Status" to check the current progress.
A: You may have to manually add that specific token to your metamask. This can be achieved by selecting the "import tokens" option in your metamask wallet and then copy-paste the token contract address for the asset you wish to add. If properly executed, your tokens will appear in your wallet immediately.
  • First, make sure you have approved enough amount for Poly Bridge contract to use the token;
  • Second, make sure you have sufficient native tokens to cover the gas fee charged both by source chain and target chain and the amount you want to transfer:
    1. If you transfer native tokens: $amount in your wallet ≥ transfer amount + src chain gas fee + target chain gas fee.
    2. If you transfer non-native tokens: $native token amount in your wallet ≥ src chain gas fee + target chain gas fee.
    3. For example, if you want to transfer METIS from Andromeda to BSC, you have to reserve tokens for fees on both the source chain gas fee and the target chain. The rest is the amount of tokens you can transfer.
    For ease of use, Poly Bridge set as follows:
    1. If the $native token amount in your wallet < transfer token amount + src chain gas fee + target chain gas fee, you’ll be informed that the transferable token amount is ZERO and see a WARNING of "insufficient funds" after clicking MAX;
    2. If the $native token amount in your wallet > transfer token amount + src chain gas fee + target chain gas fee, the max amount of transferable token = $native token amount in your wallet - target chain gas fee - estimated src chain gas fee.
      To guarantee the sufficient transaction fee on src chain, the estimated src chain gas fee could be slightly higher than the actual fee, so that some native tokens will remain in your account after transaction (i.e., native token won’t be totally transferred);
  • Thirdly, if you encounter other types of error, please contact the Poly Network team.
  • A: Here are three conditions:
    1. Poly Bridge reserves transaction fees for both src chain and target chain for users (Tips: the fee will be reserved only when the transferred token is a native token). So, the transferable token amount doesn't equal to your account balance.
    2. Some tokens have their own characteristics that limit the transfer amount, so you may not be able to transfer all your assets in one time (but you can break it into several times).
    3. When the liquidity available on the target chain is lower than your account balance, you cannot transfer all your assets in one time. Please contact the Poly Network team under this condition.
  • The liquidity shown in "Max available amount" refers to the liquidity available for all users, not your share of the liquidity. If there are several users initiating large transactions at the same time, the liquidity might be insufficient for all transactions.
  • It happens mostly when the amount you transfer is close to the max available amount. Under this circumstance, Poly Network will contact the relevant project to get them to add liquidity as soon as possible.
  • A: Please check whether the network you are connected to is stable by switching nodes of the network.
  • Please do not submit the accelerated transaction when you encounter an error. Because when the error is displayed, the transaction has already been completed on the target chain.
  • Please check the balance in your wallet to see whether you have received your assets. If you have not, please contact the Poly Network team.
  • A: All transactions at any stage are IRREVERSIBLE. If your transaction is stuck or takes a long time to arrive, please refer to Q5 and Q6.
    • First, please make sure you have paid enough fee to Poly Bridge. You can check this by calling the "get fee" API. If the fee paid is insufficient, it is recommended that you use the acceleration function to speed up the target chain transaction.
    • Second, if the fee you have paid is sufficient or you have tried to use the accelerate function but the transaction still fails, please contact the Poly Network team.
    A: Ethereum’s high gas fee has been a concern for many, and is a key hurdle with respect to the platform’s scalability. The transaction fee is not generated by Poly Bridge and solely depends on ethereum.
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